Warm-Weekend Getaway

Warm-Weekend Getaway You’re almost done with the week…and those 40-hour workweeks can take a toll on you. It’s time to plan a fun-filled weekend! So pack your weekender bag, fill up your Ryan Roberts travel set, and plan out a warm-weathered mini adventure this weekend. The Placket shirt, Anorak, and Short are made from a new technical fabric sourced directly from Italy. It’s super lightweight and you could roll and pack it up in a ball (it won’t lose it’s shape or crinkle up). If it gets dirty, you can wash it up in the hotel sink and hang it up to dry! The Anorak has quickly become a customer favorite and is just the right fabric weight for summer nights. Another weekend essential is the Long Sleeve Linen tee. The weave in linen allows for more airflow and is less likely to stick to the skin, leaving you free of moisture – perfect for those warmer days. For some added pop in color, the Darted Trouser in tangerine is a must. I fell in love with the color of this fabric and feel that it compliments lighter colors like the sand in this flat. Pick up your sunnies and summer hat, put on your favorite pair of heeled sandals and treat yourself to a mini adventure. You deserve it! Share your thoughts with me! #RRTravel

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